Taking an allergy focused clinical history


adapted from NICE GUIDELINE

Presentation with food allergy symptoms

Ask about:

  1. The child’s feeding history:

  2. Breast-fed or formula fed or mixed

  3. Maternal diet ( if breast fed)

  4. If formulas. which?

  5. Age of weaning

  6. Presenting symptoms

  7. age of first onset

  8. speed of onset

  9. duration, severity and frequency

  10. reproducibility of symptoms

  11. what form of cows milk protein

  12. Personal history of atopic disease

  13. FH of atopy

  14. Previous management, including medication

  15. Who suggested it was a possible allergy?

  16. Changes to diet and response to elimination and reintroduction

Take account of cultural and religious factors affecting infant’s or mother’s diet

Maternal diet